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Wireless Lap Data and Camera Systems - On Show!
RN Vision

RN Vision will be showcasing the RN Lite, RN One and RN Pro devices, the company’s range of lap data recording and analysis devices.

All RN Vision devices combine compact size, intuitive handling, up to Full-HD video recording and highly accurate data acquisition.

The RN Lite is the company’s entry-level product and features one HD camera, whereas the RN One has two build-in HD cameras and optional more memory storage. Both devices deliver the same data acquisition capabilities as the more advanced RN Pro, but at a more convenient price.

The RN Pro is the company’s top-of- the-line product, engineered specifically with a professional application in mind; from racing teams seeking to measure and improve their drivers and setups, to manufacturers enhancing their development processes. Its modular design allows up to four cameras up to Full-HD, among them a Night Vision camera.

To further increment the depth of data, the company offers several external modules, like RN Live, which allows live stream of all relevant information about the car to the pits. Onwards biomedical signals from the driver can be integrated and displayed in real-time in combination of RN Live and RN Telemetry.

All of RN Vision’s RN devices allow analysis of extremely accurate GPS signals together with CAN and OBD signals. Its Race Navigator products feature intuitive handling and the possibility to download and analyze relevant laps wirelessly without cumbersome equipment, using the RN Analyzer iPad App straight after getting out of the car.

Professional MotorSport World Expo 2016 stand: 3058

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