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New extreme temperature power steering fluid
Anglo American Oil Company

Anglo American Oil Company, the distributor for Driven Racing Oil and Sunoco APEX will use its PMW presence to launch two new products.

The first is Driven Racing Oil’s new extreme temperature Power Steering Fluid featuring exceptional low temperature flow to reduce initial drag on the power steering pump.

Thanks to its high viscosity index, the Power Steering Fluid from Driven Racing Oil can keep its viscosity at extreme temperatures. Its specially formulated synthetic formulation offers high temperature foam resistance for better cooling and improved steering precision.

Sunoco APEX is a high performance racing fuel designed to maximise power output within the current FIM regulations. Extensively tested throughout the year, Sunoco APEX is designed to be a fast burning oxygenated fuel and features an extremely clean burn that ensures the combustion chambers, valves and exhaust ports are kept carbon and soot free.

Sunoco is the official fuel of the US based AMA road racing series and the new Sunoco APEX will be the 2017 control fuel for the AMA race series.

The Anglo American Oil Company represents and distributes Sunoco Race fuels on an exclusive basis through its European and Middle Eastern distributors, as well as being the European agent of Driven Racing Oil.

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