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New Polymer Coated Race Bearing - See it First At The Expo!
King Race Bearings

King Race Bearings will be unveiling its brand new Polymer coated race bearing.

Most coated bearings have a sacrificial coating layer applied after manufacturing that affects the overall dimensions of the bearing and can lead to incorrect oil clearances. King’s new pMaxKote™ is a nano-composite polymer that is applied during manufacturing to improve wear resistance without changing the bearing’s precise dimensions.

The company says the coasting offers superior seizure resistance, superior cavitation and wear resistance, superior protection against oil starvation and greater build protection.

The pMaxKote™ is a completely new approach to coated bearings that has proven to protect bearings during metal to metal contact and reduce cavitation erosion. It was designed and engineered to be an integral part of the bearing, and to improve performance.

Additionally, King will display bearings featuring its new polymer coating technology that provides that an important role in preventing seizure and reducing wear of highly loaded bearings, as well as providing surface protection.

Professional MotorSport World Expo 2016 stand: 3050

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