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Direct injection engine management
GEMS Performance Electronics

GEMS Performance Electronics will be showcasing its new GDi80 advanced management system for direction injection cylinders for up to 4 cylinders.

Its features include active throttle control, gear shift control, active throttle control and high speed data logging with a large data logging memory capacity of 256 MBytes and high speed ethernet comms.

The GDi80 can drive DI or standard injectors, features a closed loop wideband lambda control, drive by wire throttle control, turbo wastegate control, uneven firing angles, multiple fuel, ignition, vvc tables, as well as up to 8 calibration combinations for fuel, ALS, launch.

The GDi80 was chosen by Honda Performance Developments as the engine management system for the new Formula 4 United States Championship, that features a one make chassis built by Crawford Composites and a 2.0L direct-injection engine supplied by Honda Performance Developments.

The company is a leading manufacturer of performance electronic systems for motorsport and automotive industries.

Professional MotorSport World Expo 2016 stand: 5066

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