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Race ready sleeves

L.A. SLEEVE will be showcasing its Moly2000 Race Ready sleeves, manufactured from the company’s specially formulated centrifugally spun-cast ductile iron.

The sleeves are the only US manufactured sleeve made in Moly2000 ductile, with Brinell hardness measured at 295 (98.7 Rockwell B). With L.A Sleeve confident the material features greater density than any other sleeve competitor, the sleeve is able to provide consistent grain flow micro-structure.

The company’s centrifugal process involves patented procedures to control the desired graphite and matrix distribution throughout the sleeve. The sleeves’ ductile is wear and shock resistant to ensure piston rings riding a stable bore surface, creating a ring seal and compression boundaries.

The metallurgical high carbon ferrous material properties including, molybdenum, nickel, graphite nodules, copper, silicon and chromium to provide the ultimate load bearing ability.

The Moly2000 Race Ready sleeves are currently used in today’s modern sport compact or small bore road racing engine builds, with the material allowing upwards of 74lbs psi boost levels. The company says that engine builders are now relying on the Moly2000 Race Ready sleeves to provide the assurance they demand to power their motors faster and farther than others.

Professional MotorSport World Expo 2016 booth: 7038

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