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New Gearbox Barrel Actuator To Replace Pneumatic Gearshift Components

MEGA-Line RACING ELECTRONIC will be showcasing the E-Shift Actuator GT, an e-motor powered direct drive gearbox barrel actuator.

The E-Shift Actuator GT replaces all pneumatic gearshift components (including piping) as well as making the ratchet mechanism of the sequential gearbox redundant. With a unit weight of only 850g (approx.) the aggregated system weight is likely less than the standalone gearbox weight including the ratchet.

Besides this significant weight reduction, the E-Shift Actuator GT offers several new features and benefits over pneumatic gearshift systems, including significantly increased position accuracy, the possibility to achieve a neutral position between each gear pair (for easy disengagement of the drivetrain, for example when coasting), and a different shift strategy per gear pair (e.g. to address high rotational speed differences).

The intelligent actuator includes active motor position control and also replaces the gear-pot (for additional weight- as well as cost-reduction). All relevant communication with the engine ECU is realized via CAN with an optional hard-wired "UP" and "DOWN" input available for use. Besides the pure actuator function, the unit can also act as a GCU to power and control the gear shifting.

Professional MotorSport World Expo 2016 stand: 7078

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