7, 8, 9 November 2018
Köln Messe, Germany

Exhibitor news releases

LeMyth Technology - Professional MotorSport World Expo booth: 6058

LeMyth Technology will highlight its broad range of lightweight carbon and carbon ceramic brake discs and pads designed to be up to 40% lighter than cast iron brakes.

The company’s unique production process results in carbon products, along with titanium alloy nuts and bolts for use on racing tracks and high-performance passenger cars.
Its products are designed to be lightweight, making handling more flexible and stable. The company say the density of its 1.8 –2.0g/cm carbon fibre brake discs and pads weight is 30% to 40% less than cast iron brake products of the same size.

The carbon fibre brake products are heat resistant, for safer braking, and able to withstand up to 1,650˚c without suffering heat fade. They adopt continuous carbon fibre using a unique 3D needled structure, to guarantee a higher stiffness and wear resistance.
The company say the brakes are noiseless, dustless and use low oil consumption, and offer stable friction and stable braking, with COF reach from 0.45 to 0.6, for steady and gentle braking process, reducing braking distance by 30%.

LeMyth manufacture bulk offer a complete customized service, with all product-sized produced with a 12-week lead time, and able bulk manufacture which is 6000pcs disc per year.
Professional MotorSport World Expo booth: 6058

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