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Ultra High Performance Engine Gears for F1 and other Super-Performance MotorSport Applications And More ..
Precision Technologies

The Precision Technologies team will be on hand to discuss its high precision components, including a selection of engine gears that it manufactures to exacting tolerances; including Formula 1 engine gears that are manufactured to master gear qualities (DIN QU.3 to DIN QU.6, depending on specific customer requirements).

Although engine gears are between 2.0 module to 3.0 module, Precision Technologies can manufacture gears between 0.2 module to 12 module (180 D.P. to 2 D.P.). All materials are used, whether general case hardening steels, aerospace steels or tool steels, and gears can be shot peened and super finished as required.

Some of the world’s most demanding motorsport series use gears manufactured by Precision Technologies, which include Formula 1, IndyCar, WEC, WRC, A1GP, and Historic Engines.

The company manufactures a range of other components for motorsport applications, including splined shafts, drive Shafts, flywheels, piston tooling, transmission gears, torsion bars, engine gears, dog rings, racks, pump components and layshafts.

Precision Technologies is a major supplier of high precision components to race winning Formula 1 teams, with drive components being supplied either directly to race teams or via leading engine and transmission assemblers.

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