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Jenvey Dynamics Unveil Revolutionary New Range of Heritage Throttle Bodies
Jenvey Dynamics

Jenvey Dynamics will be officially unveiling its new Heritage Throttle Body, developed with Aston Martin specialist GTC Engineering.

This relationship saw the throttle body extensively road and dyno tested on GTC’s Aston Martin DB5, however the Heritage Throttle Body is an entirely homogenous replacement for traditional twin-carb setups that will fit any vehicle currently running any DCOE carburetor model.

Completely designed and manufactured in-house by Jenvey, the company says it boasts all the plus points associated with Individual Throttle Bodies (ITBs), yet manages to marry these with the subtle, understated looks of a period carburetor – ensuring that it won't look out of place in the engine bays of classic and retro vehicles.

The advantages of its modern, electronic fuel injected intake systems includes a reliable, unbroken flow of air, an extremely accurate control via advanced standalone ECUs, easy starting in all seasons, and more power and economy.

The design features completely hidden fuel injectors and throttle pot, which are joined by a selection of air horns, with numerous sizes available allowing customers to spec the version that best suits their requirements.

The Heritage Throttle Body comes in four of the sizes most commonly used by classic car owners; 40, 42, 45 and 48mm. It can be mounted on most types of manifold, with pairs of two for those more performance-orientated applications that require a greater amount of fuel and air mixture to function correctly.

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