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Hybrid steering pump
Sportech Engineering

Sportech Engineering, a supplier of motorsport and high-performance vehicles’ power steering systems, will exhibit a new compact electrohydraulic steering pump. This innovative unit can be considered a hybrid pump as it can be driven both mechanically and by a 12V electric motor. This feature ensures power assistance of hybrid cars both when the IC engine is on (mechanical drive) and when it is off (electric drive). The four-quadrant motor can be controlled by a CAN and it drives the pump and the regeneration circuit. Thanks to the CAN communication, all internal parameters and status information can be logged and integration with the car system is complete.

This hybrid pump stands up to the power assistance requirements of the most demanding motorsport applications, such as rough gravel WRC rallies, cross country rallies, world rally cross and other extreme environments.

The system was originally designed to suit the 2022 hybrid WRC regulations requiring the car to run both in IC and full EV mode, but its efficiency and special features (mechanical drive, electric drive, hybrid drive and regeneration mode) will be of interest across a wide range of applications from hypercars to circuit racing to rough off-road usage.

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