Remote brake bias adjuster

The newly released Monit brake bias dial is quickly becoming the remote brake bias adjuster of choice for leading race teams and OEM race manufacturers in TCR, GT3 and NASCAR cup racing. With driver confidence being a key parameter in extracting the maximum performance from any race vehicle, the optimization of the brake bias and vehicle balance during braking into corners are areas where the new Monit brake bias dial, with its built-in LCD display, empowers drivers of all ability levels to make performance gains.

With the new Monit brake bias dial the driver can reset the display to 0 at their preferred position and then confidently adjust and optimize the vehicle brake balance for changing conditions, knowing that they can quickly and accurately return to their starting position if needed. The clear, easy-to-read display stays on constantly and the simple integer numbers are easy for the driver to comprehend. In vehicles that have brake pressure sensors fitted, the additional benefit of this dial is that the driver can see the bias position changes while driving, as opposed to pressure sensors that require the vehicle to be stopped.

The Monit brake bias dial enables drivers to make precise and accurate on-the-fly adjustments to maximize the vehicle’s current braking system performance, ensure consistent corner entry balance and avoid any driver adjustment errors. This patent-pending dial is a drop-in replacement for existing remote bias adjusters and works with all balance bars and pedal boxes. The 0 points can be shown relative to the front or rear bias depending on the driver’s preference. Or absolute position can be selected for alternative uses, such as suspension adjustment from the cockpit. Packaged complete with a flexible shaft, 7/16in (1.11cm) and 3/8in (0.95cm) balance bar fittings and accessories, the water-resistant dial is battery-powered and has an 18-month battery life on a user replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery. A low battery indicator provides several months warning. Find out more at Monit's booth.

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