New display and datalogger combo
Plex Tuning

Visit the Plex Tuning booth to view and experience its latest 5in Display & Logger that combines best-in-class viewing ergonomics with full-spectrum datalogging. The SDM-550 features a 5in color display with a built-in 20Hz GNSS module and a 100Hz IMU module for vehicle dynamics analysis. Logging capacity is unlimited thanks to a USB connection and configuration is fast and easy through the wi-fi interface.

Like all PLEX products, the new SDM-550 comes in a high-quality CNC aluminum enclosure with IP67 protection. The screen is easily visible thanks to a top-notch broadband antireflective coating. Featuring Plex’s proprietary QuickGlance UI, the SDM-550 delivers clean graphics that increase readability and minimize driver distraction. It is further enhanced by the PLEX PDA-WIN data analysis and visualization software, which is offered in a free basic version as well as an advanced pro version.

Booth: 3058

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