Day 1: Monit introduces breakthrough Brake Bias Dial

Monit is attending the expo to introduce, demonstrate and promote its new Monit Brake Bias Dial to race and rally customers and OEM race vehicle manufacturers.

The Brake Bias Dial allows drivers to reset the display to zero at their preferred position and then confidently adjust and optimize the vehicle brake balance for changing conditions, knowing that they can quickly and accurately return to their starting position if needed. James Holder, director and lead product design engineer at Monit, outlined the company’s expectations for the show: “Our main focus product at PMW is our Monit Brake Bias Dial, which is an innovative remote brake bias adjuster that incorporates a built-in LCD at the center of the brake bias adjuster knob.

“With the display staying on constantly, this allows the driver to see the brake bias bar position at all times, providing more accurate on-track adjustment of brake bias, and confidence to adjust bias more regularly during a race, with the knowledge they can return to their starting position if required. It is a drop-in replacement for existing remote bias adjusters and works with all pedal boxes and balance bars.”

After speaking to customers, Monit realized that many were ‘setting and forgetting’ their brake bias and not adjusting it, as they were nervous about changing it during an event in case they got lost with the position. Recognizing a customer need, the company set out to design the best remote brake bias adjuster possible.

“Starting with a clean slate, we looked at all possible solutions; then, over a three-year development period, we designed and refined to produce what we consider to be the perfectly optimized brake bias adjuster solution,” said Holder.

“We are very proud of the resulting product, the Monit Brake Bias Dial, arriving with a similar size and weight to existing brake bias adjusters but also incorporating a built-in LCD, no wiring required, battery powered from a user-replaceable CR2032 coin cell, with an 18-month battery life. The display stays on constantly and is water resistant. Compatible with all balance bars, it is a drop-in replacement for existing brake balance adjusters.”

Visit Monit at Booth 5065

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