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New high-performance e-axle

Hewland is excited to announce, in partnership with Integral Powertain, the release of a brand-new, high-performance e-axle. The HEA-200 incorporates the very latest IPT motor, the CTSM242, with leading power and torque density producing up to 400kW and 520Nm. The motor integrates seamlessly within a compact aluminum or magnesium casing, housing a two-stage epicyclic reduction ratio gearbox and differential. This unique configuration allows the motor to spin up to 15,000rpm, maximizing the performance and efficiency, delivering up to 4,500Nm at the wheels.

Utilizing state-of-the-art gear design and manufacturing technology along with the latest oil analysis and casing optimization software suites, the e-axle boasts an unrivaled performance versus weight while maintaining optimal NVH. A range of ratio options up to 10:1 and various differentials provide the flexibility that makes this e-axle suitable for a range of applications.

Hewland, part of the Hero Motors Group, can supply the integrated e-axle, and others, as a one-off or in mass volume series production.

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