Updated BorgWarner turbos
TurboZentrum Berlin

Berlin-based TurboZentrum will have BorgWarner’s new range of high-performance turbochargers on show at PMW Expo. The EFR line has gained a new compressor side with larger compressor wheels that also feature optimized wheel design in terms of their shape and contours. While the diameter of the inlets has been increased, the outlet diameter remains the same.

The EFR turbochargers, which include the EFR 8474, EFR 9247, and EFR 9280, are painted black and, compared with their predecessors, can deliver a significantly higher air throughput at the same boost pressure. The EFR8474, for instance, is rated to produce more than 900bhp. Compare this with the old 8374, which could produce only 750bhp under the same conditions.

Since the installation dimensions are identical to the older EFR turbochargers, it is very easy to upgrade, as it’s a straight swap. Other hallmarks of BorgWarner EFR turbochargers include their forged and milled compressor wheels, lightweight and heat-resistant turbine wheels with ceramic ball bearing technology, and perfectly tuned high-flow intake ducts. The EFR turbochargers are also available with an internal wastegate – even when combined with twin scroll housings.

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