Custom advanced sensor solutions
Variohm Eurosensor

Variohm Eurosensor, a manufacturer of custom advanced sensor solutions, will exhibit a range of products at this year’s expo.

The CMRK, CMRS and CMRT micro rotary sensors are designed with utmost precision and reliability, catering to the specialized needs of motorsport applications and elevating performance to the next level, according to the company.

The CMRK micro rotary sensor is accurate and responsive. This compact sensor provides real-time data on angular displacement and enables racers to fine-tune their driving dynamics with confidence. The CMRS and CMRT micro rotary sensors offer unparalleled rotational speed and high reliability. Their small size and weight make them ideal for environments with little space available. They ensure optimal engine performance and safeguard against overheating or mechanical failures.

Variohm Eurosensor's combined pressure and temperature transducer delivers a dual-functionality solution for motorsport applications. This advanced transducer seamlessly integrates pressure and temperature measurements, providing a comprehensive overview of engine health and efficiency. The result is enhanced safety and performance and a competitive edge for motorsport professionals.

Variohm’s products empower drivers and teams with precise, real-time data to push boundaries and reach new heights.

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