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Agnes Ragondet

With a background in composite materials and engineering Dr Agnes Ragondet has spent her career in Automotive industry developing and validating new products principally at Aston Martin. Her experience covers research and development, manufacturing, prototype operations and product validation. More recently she has added sustainability into her skills portfolio and has joined Hewland Engineering as Business Transformation and Sustainability Director with the aim to implement sustainable practices and circular thinking that will take Hewland to its next phase of product innovation, ready for the future market demand.


The roadmap to sustainable manufacturing in motorsport

The presentation will review and discuss the implementation of sustainable manufacturing practices in motorsport transmission manufacturing. It will review the work already undertaken with the support of Warwick Manufacturing Group to establish and benchmark the carbon footprint of a GT3 transmission. Hewland launched the largest lifecycle assessment with WMG reviewing over 400 components' origin and carbon footprint. In addition, the presentation will review the drivers behind Hewland acquiring ISO:14001 and review the critical contributors to carbon footprint and what actions on Hewland's sustainability roadmap will ensure sustainability is at the forefront of manufacturing in the decade ahead.