Speaker Interviews

Discover more about the topics and technologies to be discussed at this year's conference, via a series of exclusive interviews with a selection of our expert speakers

A new, easy-to-implement damper model

In his upcoming workshop, Miguel Fernandes Ferreira, lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, will explain the ins and outs of a new simulation model for twin-tube dampers that his team has developed.

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Axial flux electric motors

Michael Lampérth, CEO of Phi-Power, makes the case for axial flux electric motors, arguing that their high power density makes them a good choice for motorsport.

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The basics and not-so-basics of aerodynamics

Sauber’s aerodynamics specialist Willem Toet will educate the Professional MotorSport World Expo audience on the basics of aerodynamics with not one, but two free-to-attend engineering workshops.

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Additive manufacturing for finished motorsport components

Marius Bierdel project manager at Fraunhofer EMI, explains why additive manufacturing need no longer be confined to rapid prototyping. His colleague Konstantin Kappe will go into more depth on this topic in a PMW Expo engineering workshop.

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There’s more to damper tuning than static behavior

Jonas Jarlmark Näfver, manager for vehicle dynamics at Öhlins Racing AB, urges engineers to look beyond static damper behavior.

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Developing the batteries for Extreme E

Glen Pascoe, principal engineer at Williams Advanced Engineering, introduces the company’s approach to developing the batteries for the upcoming Extreme E series.

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Motorsport as a testbed for hydrogen power

Dr Carlo Locci, global application specialist – powertrain, Siemens, talks about motorsport as an ideal testbed for hydrogen power.

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Future show: Professional MotorSport World Expo, November 10, 11, 12, 2021, Hall 10.1, Cologne, Germany