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LIVE NEWS DAY 1: Low-cost racing seat
Racetech Europe Ltd

Racetech (Booth 7040) is launching its new low-cost seat to the European market at PMW Expo. The RT4100 is a standard-size fiberglass race seat that has the option of being back-mounted to the roll cage at shoulder level.

The seat is available in two sizes and complies with FIA 8855 regulations, offering a number of features that elevate it above entry-level offerings in the segment. Racetech’s European manager Rhys Nolan commented, “It addresses a market – it complies with FIA regulations, but at the end of the day, this one is still a good seat. You can make a seat that just passes the regulations very cheaply, but this one offers more than that.”

Compared with the company’s more premium 4119 range, the lower-cost seat has less shoulder support and no air ducting, but still offers back-mounting, breathable spacer fabric, parallel sides and pronounced thigh support make it comfortable and safe during tough races.

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Future exposition : Professional Motorsport World Expo, November 10, 11, 12, 2021, Hall 10.1, Cologne, Allemagne