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Discover test systems for next-gen powertrains
Rotronics Testing Solutions

Rotronics has been a key player in the vehicle, engine and component testing facilities fields since 1991. Based in France, it designs, manufactures and delivers chassis dynos, hub dynos and engine test benches for R&D, racing, engine optimization and end of line testing.

A trusted partner, Rotronics designs, manufactures and provides after-sales on all of its solutions; Rotronics products are already known for their adaptability, repeatability and performance level and customers include automotive OEMs, suppliers, racing teams and universities. The Autoscan dyno is capable of reaching 400km/h with unbowed traction due to its single roller design and has perfect synchronization at any speed.
From engine optimization to endurance testing, Rotronics’ products can be used out of the box or can be tailor-made to customer needs.

Rotronics offers a wide range of products for the motorsport industry. Rotonics provides everything you need to face new racing challenges with standard, hybrid or electrical motors.

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