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LIVE NEWS DAY 2: Expanded range of classic individual throttle body kits
Jenvey Dynamics Ltd

The Jenvey booth (2002) has been busy all day, because visitors to PMW Expo can’t help but be drawn to the company’s heritage throttle body kits, which mimic the look of classic carburetors but add a modern fuel-injection system. The company’s latest products on show are an intake manifold for the Jaguar XK engine and a throttle body kit for engines that originally came with IDF carburetors.

Jenvey previously offered a kit for Jaguar’s famed straight-six engine to add more reliable fuel injection while preserving the look of a classic engine bay, but the company now also offers a suitable manifold. Jenvey’s representative at the show outlined the main benefits, saying, “First of all, we can supply it, rather than customers sourcing it themselves. It’s also lighter than other ones on the market and it’s all designed and made in the UK.”

Jenvey is also introducing a new version of its heritage throttle bodies that is suitable to replace IDF carburetors, thus considerably expanding the range of engines its throttle bodies can be used on. The IDF kit is being showcased at the expo on a Ford V8 engine.

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