Product Areas

Professional MotorSport World Expo features exhibitor displays offering everything from vehicle components, race engineering tools, pitlane and paddock equipment, through to data logging and test systems, powertrain technology (including both IC engine and electric solutions) and even track support and logistics services.

  • High-performance race car materials, body parts and forming systems
  • 3D printing
  • Race engine components and race engines
  • Transmission parts and gearboxes
  • Fuel cells and ultra-high-pressure fuel systems
  • Exhaust systems and fabrication
  • Safety cages and energy-absorbing materials
  • Suspension components and systems
  • Brakes, wheels and related parts
  • Seats and harnesses
  • Information displays and timing
  • Electro management systems, ECUs and chassis management tech
  • E-powertrains and e-powertrain management for race cars
  • Batteries
  • Refueling systems
  • Fire extinguishers and safety equipment
  • Garage equipment
  • Race accessories including race wear
  • And a lot more…

Speaker Registration

Interested in speaking at the event?

PMW expo features a program of technology seminars and discussion panels that provide attendees with valuable insights into the latest developments shaping the industry.

If you or your organization specialize in any of the following areas, we invite you to submit a proposal for consideration:

  • Developing low or zero-emission powertrains and fuels for high-performance applications in motorsport and automotive.
  • Transferring technology from motorsport to niche and OEM vehicle manufacturing.
  • Calibration and testing of high-performance EV powertrains including motor, inverter, battery system, cooling systems, transmission, and brake-by-wire systems.
  • Promoting sustainability in motorsport, including materials development, manufacturing processes, logistics, and ESG auditing of events, series, and companies.
  • The use of AI and machine learning in race strategy and performance simulation.
  • The development and implementation of additive manufacturing technologies in motorsport and automotive, including harnessing generative design tools and deploying AM for small- or large-scale production.

please click below to submit your proposal.

For further details, please contact:

Andrew Boakes
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+44 1306 743744

Samuel Gee
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Press Center

Welcome to the Press Center for Professional MotorSport World Expo 2024.

Active members of the press qualify for a free press badge for the show.

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