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8K racing simulator with 3D glasses

As a manufacturer of professional racing simulators, Elektra X brings to the market its unique training system with data telemetry – now in its world premiere with 8K 3D glasses, which visitors will be able to try out at the exhibition.

Elektra X2 Xtreme is the perfect racing simulator, offering a training platform for Formula, GT or Rally driving. It simulates a realistic race car driving experience, under all possible conditions, on the international track of your choice.

Customers use a professional steering wheel with interactive display, tailored to the most rigorous requirements. The steering wheel calculates movement response 50,000 times per second, guaranteeing the lowest latency and most accurate motion reproduction. The steering wheel can handle up to 13Nm of torque.
Push the pedal to the metal. Elektra X is equipped with fully adjustable and positionable pedals. They are cut from the finest stainless steel with laser precision and can simulate the same forces as those in a real car. Their precision and accuracy on the track is ensured by specially developed pressure sensors. Customize them as you see fit.

The FIA-certified EVO carbon racing seat perfects the racing simulator by allowing users the freedom to adjust to Formula or GT. The unique system of fixed fastening rear Sparco seatbelts accurately simulates the pressure on the racer during braking.

The fidelity of the virtual car’s behavior, with its sophisticated system of control and loss of rear traction, replicates the instantaneous feel of balance. All of this is thanks to the electronically controlled shock absorbers and piston arm with the update frequency of 250 motion updates per second. As you drive, you will feel the same motion and response you would in a real race car.

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