FIA8855-2021-ready race seating

Motordrive will be in Cologne to showcase its MD-R seat series, designed to surpass the FIA8855-2021 safety standard. Building on the success of its MD10 and award-winning MD20 FIA8862-2009 advanced racing seats, the company continues to push the boundaries in competition seat design and manufacturing.
The MD-R series incorporates new features to enhance safety and comfort over the current FIA8855-1999 seat range. These developments use designs and techniques from the company’s Advanced seat series to deliver increased strength and protection for the head and torso while still providing an optimum, narrow profile for fit in the car.

Motordrive’s advanced manufacturing infusion process has delivered a striking design with a smooth inner and outer finished shell. This technology, along with the innovative design concept, offers an ultra-lightweight seat that can be individually tailored for different sizes of driver and co-driver by the use of adaptable cushion pads to ensure perfect fit.

The MD-R series will be presented to the FIA for approval against the FIA8855-2021 standard in autumn 2022 and will be available to purchase from 2023 with a 10-year FIA homologation.

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