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Cadmium- and chrome-free nuts

The ELV Directive states that vehicle and equipment manufacturers must avoid the use of hazardous substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium in automotive products. With this in mind, KL-Projects will present its BlueFast range of hexagonal k-nuts and floating anchor nuts.
Traditionally, the k-nuts and anchor nuts used in motorsport and high-end sportscars originated from the aerospace industry, where cadmium plating is still very popular.
In the past 20 years, many studies on different plating methods have been carried out by the automotive and aerospace industries. Zinc-nickel plating is now seen as the preferred alternative to toxic cadmium plating and an improvement over traditional zinc plating. Zinc- nickel plating with trivalent chromium treatment has been selected as the environmentally friendly finish for the BlueFast range of hexagonal k-nuts and floating anchor nuts.
BlueFast k-nuts and anchor nuts (identified by the application of a blue dot) have been used in high-performance applications since the start of this year, and have been shown to not only meet the requirements of the ELV Directive but also provide designers with an environmentally friendly value-added fastener solution.
Three-crimp locking deformation is applied across the BlueFast range of hexagonal k-nuts to ensure consistent locking performance on many different types of bolts and studs. To achieve this and guarantee repeat performance, the locking torque is controlled and recorded for 15 cycles of each production batch. Technical drawings and 3D CAD models are available upon request to ensure fast integration into clients’ design.

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