Off-road wheels
Evo Corse

Italian wheel manufacturer Evo Corse (Booth 7006) will have two new product ranges to show at PMW Expo. It has taken over the racing wheel line of Arcasting and is introducing a new product of its own: an 18in alloy wheel for off-road racing – the DakarZero 18.

Building on the success of Toyota Gazoo Racing winning the 2019 Dakar Rally with a Hilux using its wheels, Evo Corse launched an 18in version of its off-road wheels. The DakarZero 18 features a slight difference in style compared with earlier designs – with laterally paired ribbed spokes – but keeps the lightness of the smaller versions and an extremely high load index, at 1,400kg per wheel. The new DakarZero 18 is available in 8.5 × 18in, with a variety of standard bolt patterns and offsets for Toyota, Nissan, Ford and Dodge. On request, Evo Corse can customize the wheels, even for one-off sets.

Earlier this year, Evo Corse signed a technical and commercial agreement for the production and management of the race line of Arcasting wheels so that Arcasting can focus on its line of road wheels. The Arcasting name will be maintained for the range of racing wheels, which includes sizes from 14in to 18in.

Booth: 7006

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