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Hub stands and alignment system

Irmler has developed and designed Setting One/Easy Setup toe and camber measurement system. Provisionally designed by Stefan Kissling for TCR, Irmler has optimized the system and got it to work for old, classic touring cars and more, including Formula and GT cars.

In motorsport, the driving time is influenced in part by the talent of the driver, but also by perfect technology. The toe and camber values must be measured precisely as part of the setup adjustments. With this system, the axles can be aligned on-site; this allows you to respond to finer points such as changes in weather, the driving style of the race driver or the racetrack asphalt.

The sturdy, CNC-produced measurement system measures the toe and camber settings of all classic touring cars, current GT vehicles and current TCR vehicles quickly and precisely without affecting the rim and wheel geometry, no matter where you are.

In this way, axle alignment, chassis adjustments and the necessary camber and toe adjustments are made possible in your own workshop, at the racetrack or during the training break. This makes your racing setup quick, easy and flexible.

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