Endurance rig scales, intelligent fuel timer and wireless endurance fuel rig system
EEC Performance Systems

EEC Performance Systems will showcase innovative new products in addition to its highly regarded, award-winning F-Pod intelligent race fuel bowsers and Wi-Pod intelligent wireless corner weight scales, used by top-level motorsport teams worldwide.

The company identified the need for a purpose-built fuel rig scale, designed as an alternative to the adapted parcel scales currently available from most rig manufacturers. Its E-Pod Endurance Rig Scale is designed to fit, without modifications, most fuel rig tanks on the market, including ATL, Caseliner and Premier.

Another of the company’s offerings is the E-Pod Intelligent Fuel Timer. Designed with simplicity in mind, it is easy to operate and allows users to read and review previous stored times. The operation of the timer is automatic, starting and stopping accurately as the fuel nozzle is connected and disconnected from the car.

EEC’s offering also includes the E-Pod Wireless Endurance Fuel Rig System. This completely wireless monitoring and logging system features a 15in full-color touchscreen, designed to be mounted into the garage walling, adjacent to the fuel rig. It is completely modular, with inputs for fuel weight, fuel time, and fuel and air temperature. All fuel stop data is stored in the system's memory and can be viewed remotely on any PC or portable device within the same VPN.

EEC Performance Systems can adapt teams’ existing rig scales to wireless to work with its system.

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