High-performance, reliable lithium batteries
Braille Battery

Braille Battery offers high-cranking amps that offer a range of features and benefits. The amps are ideal for high compression and highly tuned engines; offer weight-saving benefits, being very lightweight; last three to five times longer than lead acid battery (AGM) technology; have original equipment replacement sizing for an easy switch to lithium; provide excellent resistance to shock and vibration; offer superior starting against other battery technologies; produce a low self-discharge of less than 1% a month, making them excellent for out-of-season storage; and offer robust construction, extreme reliability and a low failure rate. Lithium technology lets you use up to 100% of rated capacity, improving performance.

Braille Battery’s amps have been used for over a decade in street and race vehicles, showing an outstanding pedigree. The company offers comprehensive product ranges. Find out more at its booth.

Booth 6040

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