New vehicle control unit

MoTeC will return to this year’s expo to mark two significant milestones: its 35th birthday and one year as part of the Bosch family.

While the company reflects on the evolution of MoTeC technology over the decades, it is also working toward the release of its next generation of intelligent electronics, the first being a new vehicle control unit (VCU). The MoTeC VCU is the cornerstone of the company’s dedicated EV product range, which also includes a new high-voltage power distribution unit (HV-PDU) and smart, modular software for customized vehicle development and testing. As with all MoTeC solutions, adaptability is a key design philosophy that ensures the company’s EV systems are suitable for a broad range of applications and budgets.

MoTeC will present its first prototype of the VCU at its booth, which is located alongside its parent company, Bosch.

Booth: 3065

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