Collision warning system
Bosch Engineering

An ‘EVO’ version of its Collision Avoidance System CAS-M 3 will be the highlight of Bosch Motorsport’s booth at PMW Expo 2019. The standard CAS-M 3 has been in use for several seasons and consists of a camera attached to the rear of the car that sends moving images in real time to a display inside the cockpit. This display uses flashing arrows and LEDs to alert the driver to vehicles approaching from behind. A radar system complements the camera to provide information on the speed difference between cars. Based on this radar information, the arrows on the display change their size and color. Especially in bad visibility the system can be a lifesaver, improving safety and reducing repair costs.

The system earned the Motorsport Technology of the Year award at the 2017 edition of PMW Expo. Now it has been given a facelift and renamed CAS-M 3 EVO. It gains a bespoke camera, which was developed exclusively for motorsport customers, with Bosch paying close attention to their wishes. In addition, the use of pure motorsport connectors further helps it withstand the rigors of race duty.

Booth: 3050

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