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Hydroformed parts
CTE Advanced Technologies

Return exhibitor CTE Advanced Technologies will reveal the latest developments in precision fabrication and thermal insulations solutions, in particular its in-house hydroforming process. This procedure has been developed by the company to offer high precision, repeatability and short lead times.

CTE can either design the finished component for the customer or use a customer’s own design. Once the geometry and configuration has been agreed, CTE will CAD the forming tools and simulate the complete hydroforming process using its bespoke FEA software. This way, its saves time by understanding what shapes are achievable before tooling needs to be machined and trialled. Once the customer is happy with the outcome, the required tooling is then machined in-house on either a three- or five-axis mill, depending on the complexity of the geometry.

CTE can then produce the first hydroformed components, which will be laser scanned and compared directly with the CAD file to confirm conformity to the original design. Once the development parts have been passed by the quality control department, production of the parts can begin.

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