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Three-liter V6 engine

Italtecnica, which can call upon 35 years in racing and high-performance powertrain development, will reveal a new top-class 3.0-liter 90° V6 engine in Cologne, featuring patented passive prechamber ignition and weighing less than 200kg while delivering 850Nm and 750CV. Its compact size, reduced weight and increased performance make it ideal for high-performance vehicles designed for road and racing applications. Ancillary components are integrated into the engine to ensure a ready-to-assemble system that does not require any hardware or software modifications.

The engine is boosted by two turbochargers working sequentially to reduce turbo lag: at low RPM, all exhaust gases are forced in one turbocharger; at high RPM, the two turbochargers work in parallel.
The cylinder head has been designed to increase volumetric efficiency and fit finger rocker arm valve actuation to reduce valvetrain mass and reach higher RPM. The intake system is equipped with six throttles actuated by two electronically managed electric motors. The fuel injection system is GDI and PFI to increase efficiency and performance. The dry sump oil system is equipped with three scavenging pumps and one lubricating oil pump, with the oil cooler integrated into the engine. Intake air cooling is performed with a water-to-air heat exchanger in the intake plenum.

The combustion chamber is ignited by a passive prechamber patented by Italtecnica and Ing. Claudio Lombardi. The system increases overall efficiency by optimizing combustion, delivering more specific power and less consumption following the new F1 and LMP1 regulations. The whole engine is designed, tested and assembled by Italtecnica expert engineers and technicians. It is also available without ignition prechamber and in road and structural versions.

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