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Lithiumax batteries

Lithiumax Batteries is showcasing its new range of Carbon Series lithium LiFePO4 engine starter batteries, including the Lithiumax RACE10+ Bluetooth and Lithiumax RACE+GT Bluetooth units.

These carbon-fiber-cased batteries offer ultra-light weight and reliability with the added advantage of Bluetooth battery monitoring from the Lithiumax iOS or Android app, which allows the user to monitor voltage, real-time current draw, temperature (both core and skin), as well as remaining MAh capacity.

The RACE10+ at 4kg delivers a substantial 1,000CA with a lithium Ah capacity of 24Ah (70Ah Pb/AGM equivalent); the RACE+GT is a 3kg battery outputting 800CCA with 20Ah lithium capacity (55Ah Pb/AGM equivalent).

Lithiumax batteries are DEKRA tested and proven for motorsport use and approved by the DMSB and Motorsport UK. All European/UK dealer inquiries are welcome.

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