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Race-proven TPMS technology
Texys Group

The Texys Group will exhibit its advanced tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), available in two versions to create different levels of data and performance to suit any requirement.

The TPMS-RS21 baseline sensor can measure pressure, internal temperature and relative humidity, and features a user-replaceable battery. For a budget TPMS sensor, the ability to measure relative humidity is a real step forward, and the replaceable battery also reduces unnecessary scrapping of wheel sensors after one or two race seasons.

The TPMS-IR21 flagship sensor boasts five key areas for tire analysis: pressure, rim temperature via contact patch, internal temperature, relative humidity and innerliner temperature measurements. Carcass temperature is measured through a customizable infrared system, with five channels that can be selected from a 14-point calibrated array using the handheld receiver.

The rim temperature feature provides a true rim temperature measurement via contact patch, unlike most available systems, which just provide the sensors’ internal temperature. Furthermore, 2022 has seen the introduction of a new corner recognition system.

Texys TPMS technology is race proven in FIA F2, F3, WRC, WEC, GT and many other series.
From 2023 onward, the company will be the sole supplier of TPMS for Hankook Motorsport, the official tire partner of the FIA Formula E World Championship.

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