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High-end valvetrain components

Con-SEPT will display its latest high-end valvetrain components – valves, valve springs, valve guides, seat inserts, retainers and collets – for classic cars, motorsports and motorbikes at PMW Expo. A ‘solution provider’, the company offers tailor-made designs to satisfy customer needs customer and ensure the best engine performance. It also provides manual and automatic spring testers to measure the load and rate of the spring, with all results shown in a full statistical report.
The company can offer other parts, including pistons, cylinders and conrods. It has also seen increasing demand for non-engine-related drivetrain parts such as bushings and gears, and has recently used FEA calculations to improve a sliding bush in the rear axle of Mercedes vehicles from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s. The part is now produced from solid instead of three different parts, and is made from a higher-quality material; its heat treatment was optimized to make the surface more wear resistant without affecting core tensile strength. The new part now runs successfully in many high-power classic cars.

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