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New ECUs

DTAFast is delighted to announce the release of its new T-Series ECUs. Building on the reliability and usability of the S-Series ECUs, the T-Series adds new features such as Bosch onboard wideband lambda control, onboard fly-by-wire and onboard knock control.

The company’s highly regarded motorsport features are all available, including closed-loop flat shift, launch control, traction control, datalogging and much more.

Built from the ground up using automotive-specific microcontrollers, the new T Series ECUs offer the highest precision control of ignition and injection, with unrivaled accuracy. Map tables can be sized from 10x10 to 30x30 and input/output assignments are fully configurable.

The T-Series ECUs are configured with new, more user-friendly software. Written from scratch, the software also comes with a responsive design that allows for better readability on high DPI displays, as well as large displays with large scaling factors.

The entire range of T-Series ECUs is highly water resistant, including the entry-level T2 and the ignition-only T2i.

DTAFast’s roots are in club-level motorsport. It will always strive to keep adding features from more advanced ECUs and making them available for customers. The company’s aim is always to keep the ECUs as simple to understand and use as possible.

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