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Fit any driver into any race seat
Schroth Safety Products

The acceleration forces in today’s race cars are only exceeded by those in fighter jets. For over 70 years, Schroth has been manufacturing racing harnesses capable of dealing with the requirements of motorsport. Since 1960, the company has been conducting crash tests to improve product quality and performance to meet ever-increasing safety requirements. With the knowledge gained from its extensive testing, Schroth supplies racing harnesses to F1, IndyCar, WRC, NASCAR, Porsche, ALMS, Dakar Rally, FIA GT and many other top teams and series worldwide.

At this year’s show, Schroth will highlight its Racing Profi Seat kit, which uses a vacuum casting bag with a unique bead and quick-cure (30 minutes) resin, making it a simple, easy-to-use, professional system to fit any driver into any race car or seat. The Schroth Racing Profi Seat kit provides the driver with an ‘individual’ seating solution for the optimum racing position, improved performance and driver safety.

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