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Damper Valves

Nitron will showcase its new electronic damper valve at PMW this year, the result of several years of development and testing. The valve is designed to be directly compatible with the vehicle’s original damper control system, so the dampers can be fitted in place of the original dampers and no adjustment or alteration to the vehicle is required. The valve will interact with the control program; however, if it is installed inside Nitron’s own very high-quality damper, the vehicle will benefit from reduced friction, improved damping response and heat dissipation and a sportier set of damping parameters. Combining the valve into multi-adjustable dampers also allows full integration into the vehicle’s control system, but with the added benefit of on-the-spot manual fine tuning (for example, at the circuit).

For vehicles requiring more in-depth tunability, Nitron offers a programmable controller that will replace the vehicle’s original damper controller, allowing custom tuning of the control program. This unit can also be retrofitted to vehicles that were not originally fitted with electronically adjustable dampers.

As with all Nitron’s dampers, these units will be fully rebuildable and revalvable, allowing customers to fine-tune the dampers to their own requirements through traditional piston/shim tuning methods. All dampers will come with a five-year mechanical warranty.

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