New displays, electric gearbox, clutch actuators and pressure sensors

Aviorace’s new displays are designed to meet the extreme requirements of the styling centers at the top car manufacturers for racing and street applications.

The available sizes are 4.3in, 5in, 7in and 12.3in, suitable for steering wheels, main dash, rearview camera and additional visual data for driver and/or passenger.

Every display has a main board designed by Aviorace, which includes a microprocessor, graphics controller and several inputs/outputs for analog and digital signals, CANbus lines, LIN lines and video inputs.

The 4.3in and 5in models are designed to fit into a new generation of custom steering wheels, designed and produced in collaboration with Cube Controls.

The displays are delivered uncased, to fit every kind of application, and frames/housings are available upon request.

The company will also launch new electric gearbox and clutch actuator concepts at the show. These products are designed to offer the best combination of technology, weight and size.

Aviorace will also debut an upgrade of the miniature pressure sensor with improved temperature range and compensation. The new HT versions can resist up to 150°C and the signal is compensated up to 150°C.

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