New seat from New Zealand
Racetech Europe Ltd

PMW Expo 2019 will host the European launch of Racetech’s new RT4100 family of seats. The standard-sized fiberglass race seat has been designed to be wide enough in the shoulders for most drivers but narrow enough to fit in most cockpits. It offers the option of being back-mounted to the roll cage at shoulder level, while breathable spacer fabric, parallel sides and pronounced thigh support make it comfortable during tough races. Finally, it’s available in standard and large sizes at an attractive price.

In addition to the new RT4100, Racetech will also showcase the carbon Kevlar RT9129HRW, which has been used by Porsche, Aston Martin and McLaren racing teams for several years. Also featured on Racetech’s booth will be its best-selling seat, the RT4119HRW.

Booth: 7040

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