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Web-based dynamometer software
Mustang Dynamometer

Mustang Dynamometer is proud to introduce its new web-based dynamometer software to the tuning industry – the Hole Shot web interface for dynos. Web-based user interfaces (UI) provide the user with the ability to be completely untethered to a specific device or operating system (OS). Users can log into their controller from any OS with any device and from anywhere on the premises within range of the server’s wireless service. The system supports Android, Windows, Linux and iOS. This allows the user complete freedom from wires as well as freedom from OS licenses.

Want to use an iPad? No problem. The system uses the most advanced coding techniques currently being deployed for web applications including Angular JS. System updates are pushed to all platforms via the internet so users always use the most up-to-date version of the platform. Mustang currently offers worldwide seven-day-a-week support via WhatsApp, remote desktop, email and phone.

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