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Bespoke bearings
HB Bearings

Founded in 1972, HB Bearings, a leading UK manufacturer of bespoke bearings for motorsport, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in Cologne. HB’s bearings are used at the highest level of motorsport and are designed to deal with high levels of performance.
The design stage of a bearing is crucial. Since its inception, the company has built up a talented team of bearing engineers and designers. With its in-house technical department, HB has the knowledge and experience to assist in bearing design. It can design bearings utilizing its solid modeling CAD system, and dynamic and static load ratings can be calculated to ISO standards to predict bearing life. Beyond manufacturing bespoke bearings for current race teams, HB Bearings manufactures for the classic motorsport, motorcycle and historic race car sectors. It can reverse engineer bearings from drawings, references and samples.

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