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Small, light and reliable ECU

General Engine Management Systems Ltd (GEMS) will present its new EM80-M – a small, light and reliable ECU for engines up to eight cylinders. The EM80-M is a derivative of the EM80. It combines the existing engine management system with a powerful ARM processor setup to enable the use of auto-generated code from Simulink models. This allows users to design and implement their own complex control systems on a proven and rugged platform with the use of GEMS user interfaces and analysis packages.
At 157 x 131 x 35mm, the EM80 is a compact package, weighing only 380g. As a member of ASAM, GEMS follows standards for CCP and XCP and can provide custom-built products for customers to any ASAM standards. GWv4 software provides PC configuration, with standards for XCP and A2L.
The EM80-M offers support files for auto code generation from Simulink models using Embedded Coder and generation of firmware images from Embedded Coder output. It is fully configurable with GWv4 software (supplied separately) and offers advanced gearshift control and high-speed internal datalogging. It is suitable for naturally aspirated or boosted engines, with adjustable fuel timing for engine speed and load, an anti-lag system with fuel and ignition cutting with ignition retard, closed-loop lambda, drive-by-wire throttle and turbo wastegate control, four-channel variable valve timing, uneven firing angles, multiple fuel ignition, VVC tables, up to eight calibration combinations for fuel, ALS, launch, etc, PMU CANbus 2 x CANbus, per cylinder knock control, internal barometer and G yaw sensor, scrutineer support and a 256MB log memory with history log for engine maintenance.

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