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All-in-one GNSS datalogger and lap timing display

VBOX Mini LapTimer is a GNSS datalogger and lap timing display in one. Its miniature design means that it is ideal for applications where there is limited space to mount lap timing devices, such as in a single-seater race car. Mini LapTimer provides instant feedback on the screen and via the bright LEDs, indicating where time is being lost and where time can be gained around a circuit. By using position rather than distance, the predictive lap time remains accurate, even if the driver takes a different line each lap. It provides drivers with accurate, real-time lap comparison, and it works at any track. You don’t need any external beacons, and there is no setting up required.

Predictive lap timing adds another element to datalogging, as drivers have a real-time comparison of their current lap against their previously recorded best lap – so they will always be trying to beat it. It means they can judge the effectiveness of different lines and get immediate feedback on the graphical display of how much time they’re losing or gaining.

Racelogic OLED Displays are a common sight in race cars around the world and are now available in a smaller form like the VBOX Mini LapTimer. The high-contrast OLED Display remains the perfect partner to a VBOX video datalogger and retains the same features and functions as the larger variant. Suitable even in bright conditions, the display provides sharp graphics and is simple to use. It can show a wide range of parameters, including live and max speed, lap times and predictive lap timing.

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