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LIVE NEWS DAY 2: Active suspension system for Alfa Romeo 4C presented
Tractive Suspension BV

A semi-active suspension system for the Alfa Romeo 4C is the highlight of Tractive’s booth (6058) at PMW Expo, as well as a new front lift system for road-legal cars.

“Our electronic suspension system is semi-active, unlike the more conventional systems, which just have a comfort setting and a sport setting. Every 6ms, the system can change the settings for each individual wheel,” explained application engineer Koen Weijers.

The setup can change the damper stiffness by changing how wide the valve inside is opened. This is determined by a control unit with internal three-axis G-sensor. The ECU can also take information from additional sensors, or from the car’s OE sensors. Demonstrating the speed and accuracy of the system, Weijers added that, “it’s fast enough to damp the frequency of the tires”.

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