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Revolutionary cooling technology
Reaction Engines

Reaction Engines will return to PMW Expo to show off examples of its heat exchanger technology and battery foils. The company has been at the forefront of engineering innovation for over 30 years, developing SABRE (Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine), a revolutionary new class of aerospace propulsion, which led to the development of its groundbreaking thermal management technologies that have revolutionized performance, efficiency and mass across a range of industries, including motorsport, electric vehicles, aviation and energy.

The company’s high-performance heat exchangers, including multifluid radiators and water-cooled intercoolers, are available in cylindrical and conventional configurations. Based on next-generation microtube and micro-channel technology, they are smaller and lighter and operate with a lower pressure drop and reduced cooling air mass flow. This delivers improvements in performance and packaging while also reducing mass and drag, which translates into faster lap times and increased engine durability. Reaction Engines’ technologies can be used to cool conventional internal combustion engine systems as well as electric vehicles, including battery, fuel cell and hybrid powertrains.

Reaction Engines can also provide innovative heat management for EV batteries through application of its patented HXLIFE Foils, which are ultra-lightweight thermal transfer foils that sit between battery cells within the pack. They offer compact thermal runaway containment solutions, maintain isothermal performance and eliminate hot spots (cell temperature uniformity ±1°C). This enables increased protection and faster charge and discharge rates, and extends the life of the cells.

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