Gear display and shift light module
213 Performance

213 Performance is proud to offer its integrated Gear Display and Shift Light Module (GDSLM). The GDSLM integrates a dot-matrix gear display and an array of eight RGB high-intensity LEDs to provide drivers with clear, concise information. The GDSLM is fully configurable, allowing users to customize units to their specific applications.

Features include inputs for gear sensor and RPM, or with a CANbus direct from the ECU with configurable message IDs and payloads. The gear display is fully configurable for ASCII characters to show reverse, neutral, gear numbers and alarms. The shift light LEDs can be configured for color and RPM in each gear, and configuration can be completed via USB with the supplied, intuitive, easy-to-use software. The intensity of the gear and shift lights can be configured to suit day or night use.

Real-time CAN and sensor values are also available in configuration mode to make setup easy, and alarm functionality (ASCII characters and RGB functionality), logic and alarm priority are all configurable. Alarms can also be acknowledged and reset via switch or CAN message. The unit is housed in a machined, anodized aluminum casing assembled in the heart of the UK’s ‘motorsport valley’.

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