Innovative engine management systems

Ecumaster has made a positive impression within the motorsport arena with the debut of its innovative EMU Pro-8 and EMU Pro-16 engine management systems. The company’s latest development propels the Pro series further by incorporating support for direct injection engines, aligning with Ecumaster’s core design philosophy of crafting an ECU for top-tier motorsport with superior strategies and optimal flexibility.

The EMU Pro series offers support for four-stroke, two-stroke, or rotary engines (up to 12 cylinders); a fueling model with closed-loop short- and long-term trim algorithms and precise injector control. It includes user-configurable table sizes, free channel assignments and 4D tables. The series features an advanced gearshift strategy with up to four customizable stages, compatible with closed-loop or open-loop strategies with a sequential gearbox and support for paddleshift or manual levers with strain gauge and detailed diagnostics. The user-friendly interface enables online parameter analysis, graph log, DBW tuner, strategy maps with 3D visualization and a flexible project tree system. Visit the company's booth to find out more.

Booth 3050

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