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DAY 2: Hewland shares its transmission systems for electric motorsport applications
Hewland Engineering

Hewland Engineering is showcasing its portfolio of gearboxes designed for internal combustion engine applications and EV-specific options.

The EV gearboxes on show include the PEVT-200, a high-performance motorsport dual motor torque vectoring transmission. The solution weights just 18kg and is capable of outputting up to 300Nm of torque and a maximum of 20,000rpm per side for a combined powertrain potential output of 500kW.

In addition to the wide array of motorsport-orientated transmissions on show, Hewland Engineering is also displaying the HSP-200, a gearbox used within the Singer DLS project which features a magnesium casing and has been designed to fit in place of standard G50 transmissions also found within older Porsches including the 964 and 993 models. The company also produces the HSC, an aluminum version of the gearbox, which is slightly heavier and has been developed to cater for the restoration of the aforementioned vehicles as components get harder to come by.

The company’s transmissions have seen use within Formula 1, Le Mans GT, WRC, open-wheel racing and Touring Car championships, a testament to their excellent design, durability and engineering.

“It has been really good. Everyone has been really welcoming and has been interested in the products that we have got on show,” explained Alexander Trup, commercial director, Hewland Engineering. “There are plenty of people looking for a transmission system, so it has been well worth us being here.”

Hewland Engineering can be found at Booth #3042

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